Message from Executive Director

It  is a great pleasure for me once again to communicate to all our esteemed members of AICAD, stakeholders and friends through our website. Our programme activity trend has been encouraging though low due to the on going recession experienced by our supporters. Somehow we have worked to navigate the turbulent financial waters and frantic paddling has been the order of the day. Now that the turbulence seems to have subsided in some ways, we all are striving to return to some measure of stability and calm to our personal and professional endeavours.  In the mid of all these challenges, we saw the first signs of a rapid increase in community needs, AICAD reached out to our collaborators and other organizations in human capacity development such as the World Bank Institute (WBI), Wetlands International (WI), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI) and Shriram Institute for Industrial Research (SRI) to share resources and partner in presenting the most needed interventions. As advocate of poverty reduction through human capacity development, our efforts are needed now more than ever before to help our communities. You will read about some of these efforts in our website. Keeping in mind the challenging nature of poverty currently prevailing in the region, indications are that we will be faced by more challenges as we embark on the implementation of our mandate of poverty reduction through human capacity development. I look forward to your continued support in ensuring that AICAD achieves its noble mandate of poverty reduction through human capacity development. 

As you read through our website, you will find some   links created to bring together various partners and collaborators. I am privileged to be part of this wonderful organization that brings together a group of diverse individuals and institutions all with a common mission. Members of the Governing Board (GB) who generously contribute their expertise, judgment, guidance and resources. It is through their vision that we see past our artificial boundaries and consider all that is possible. 

Members of the Annual Members Forum (AMF) and Member Universities who willingly share their time, resources and guidance. Their contribution to the fabric of our organization is extraordinary. Donors and funders who are our partners in the truest sense of the word. We are enormously grateful for their generosity and we are deeply moved by their confidence in our Programmes.


And the dedicated members of Staff of AICAD who make great things happen in our communities. They are filled with pride for what each beneficiary has accomplished and hope for what they know they will achieve in the future.


AICAD was founded with a vision of what it takes to help our communities succeed in poverty reduction, and over the years, we have become an effective, results-oriented institution uniquely capable of making a difference in the lives of our people.


Thank you for your continued support


Warmest regards,

Prof. Andrew B Gidamis

Executive Director, AICAD